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Thank you for your interest in our dogs! We provide purebred Newfoundlands for companion dogs, family pets, therapeutic and rescue service dogs.

All our dogs and puppies are AKC registered purebred. We only sell to individuals who are committed to provide long-term nurturing and care for the well-being and highest good for the dog.

We aim to produce puppies with good genetic health and the healthiest puppies with less long term health problems, longer lifespans and the natural, docile disposition that makes the Newfoundland the greatest!

Our breeding program: "Focused on preserving and maintaining the natural characteristics, sound health, beauty, and integrity of the breed." We breed show quality, pure bloodlines with good long-term genetic health and temperament to emphasize the best qualities and characteristics in disposition of this amazing breed. 

Our mission: To provide the best experience for every one of these amazing animals, for the love and compassion they have to offer, and for the betterment of mankind. They are better than us. As breeders, we have a huge responsibility. Our mission is to honor that responsibility for the highest possible good for each and every dog and the overall wellbeing of the breed as a whole. 

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